Haley Galaxy doll unboxing

In my current alien craze, i found this adorable doll on a toyshop site for only 10 USD. When it arrived through DHL with sturdy knocks on the door, i was surprised to see how BIG she was! 😀 And so many details, woow..!

1 2 3 4 5 6

She looked so precious in her box ❤ i decided to leave her in it.


Loot Crate unboxing

I was on my way to the park for a picnic with my dog when the mailman met me at the door and handed me the Quest package from Loot Crate 😀 Nice! So i opened it on the soft green grass of spring.

2 3

I didn’t want to put every item on the grass to photo infront of so many people but i can tell you right now, i actually, tbh, wasn’t impressed by the content. :/ Especially from this price range, like, of all the items only TWO items i felt was nice enough to keep and use, but the rest was just… crap? Best of the bunch was the tiny Uncharted poster (seen better prints though, come on) and the Labyrinth t-shirt:

1Modeled by this really cute guy in the info sheet.

Borrowed and cropped this pic from google to show rest of the content. I sold those i didn’t want through swedish Ebay. Do not recommend loot crate and will not buy again. 🙂 I suggest you buy something fun for the money instead!



DIY Surprise Keychain

Making keychains for my suprise blind boxes to Artist Alley. Each box is going to contain a cute caramel – so 1 Keychain, 1 Sticker, 1 Candy. Putting every keychain in sealed pinkstriped plastic bags in the box to create the fun “surprise feeling” when opening them up. Hope people will like them! 😀

bb keychains

1 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A

DIY handmade soap

Did you know you can buy soap dough at the local craft store? My sister and i recently found out and bought a 500 gram package to try out! It was so simple and fun 😀 ❤ just add scented oil or perfume, color, melt the soap above cooking water and then just fill up the molds!

2 3 14

And then just let dry in the fridge, wrap in plastic foil and put a decorative label on it! Very easy. I had some plastic mini goldfishes from another project to use, so i made them as a inside decoration thingie. 🙂

Another painting

I’ve found a store that sells affordable canvas to paint ❤ I made a priestess with stars and glitter. I used acrylic color, had to toss out some that had dried 😀 really shows how long it’s been since i held a paintbrush.

1 2a 5 6 Print - Moon catcher

Then i got too carried away when i scanned it in… D:

2 Novi Stars Dolls

Recently got my salary and it’s already gone ∑(゚ロ゚〃)

Just as i was just thinking how on earth am i going to get a hold on the last wave Novi Stars dolls, they are nowhere to be found and those i do found are damaged through repaints and broken boxes” but then!! someone had put their own dolls out for auction on Ebay. THE LAST WAVE ONES *gasp* Of course popular Doe A. Deer got sold right infront of my eyes (」゜ロ゜) aah i had to hurry ❤

tumblr_o4l0e7m2x91qmxycio1_1280 2 Namnlös

Carmela Sweet and Sila Clops are miiiine, woho! So excited to receive these ❤ The Frostina Sprinkles doll arrived superfast from Germany with door delivery, hope these are fast too.

Frostina Sprinkles doll on the way!

I found this wonderful store that had 70% sale on their last Novi Stars dolls and the last wave dolls flew right of the site!! BUT i managed to grab a Frostina Sprinkles (thank god) and now it’s on it’s way home to cold Sweden ❤ yay

Namnlösk Namnlös

I have a collection of Novi Stars dolls, but since the company announced they would be discontinued i was superscared people would hoard the last wave dolls 😥 and i would get nothing!
But no i’m hopeful 😀 this is a step towards fulfilling my beautiful alien doll collection. ❤ Don’t give up!

Won Deadpool tickets!

(Draft 2016-02-24)

Long time no winning 😀 woho!

Can’t believe i won movie tickets to Deadpool + free meals for 2 people = AMAZING! You know what they say (˚▽˚)☞ Du missar 100% av chanserna du inte tar (you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take) and Är du inte med och tävlar kan du inte vinna (if you’re not in the race, you can’t win) ❤ anyway, here’s what i got:

4 ny

Got a cute squishy stressball of Deadpool’s head 😀 I went and saw it with my father because both my sister and brother had already seen it, and dad really wanted to check it out. (mom was like ”ugh cinema no thank you”)

But it was my sister and i that took the opportunity to try out the new restaurant Zócalo with the free-meal-coupons. It was like a fresh food truck that served healthy tacos and salads.

We ordered ”Mango Chicken Tacos” getting 3 small tacos each. Ingredients of chipotle marinated chicken, guacamole, romaine lettuce and mango pineapple salsa. ❤ Pretty tasty if you ask me!