Shopping Haul – malmö

We went roadtrip visiting relatives in Malmö, we also went shopping a little 🙂 Here’s what i brought home with me!


Things i need, cute stuff, some snacks and also gifts for friends 🙂


Nil x Noir promo table (Storcon 2016)


I was in charge of a cute little promo table at Storcon for the band Nil x Noir this summer! 😀 I wrote down some ideas to have for the table beside flyers and sweets, and ended up with fresh water bottles, photo cards, drawing competition and a mailbox! ❤ Very productive!



The table showed to be very popular! 😀 I kept in the area to make sure no one messed with it, but it was difficult taking pictures because there were always ppl around it. Here’s a sneak photo:


😀 I kinda held the mailbox a secret from the band for a while (I put a note on the box saying like ”Send something nice to the band” and some paper and pencils for the visitors to doodle and write on) I went SURPRISED people actually went over and wrote notes and put little gifts in there, i had to tell the band and they went very happy to hear!! 😀 😀 😀

Girl 1: I haven’t heard of them..
Girl 2: but they are b e a u t i f u l !

I promised not to touch the box until the very next day to see how full it would go, and boy! Storcon’s visitors are AMAZING ❤



SO FULL! :O wowowow
There was a guy who worked at one of the stores there, who came and sat down, talking about stuff and i mentioned i was happily surprised people put notes in and gifts. And he went ”yea I went and checked it out, and someone have put one of the necklaces i sell. They go for like 100 SEK ($10)” and i went woah 😍 no waay


After the con, me and my family went to Malmö to visit relatives so i couldn’t send the content until a week later, but i was happy to hear the package arrived safetly! 🙂


Some had written on swedish 🙂 i put a translation post-it on those. Wish i’ve taken pictures on the awesome drawings from the competition (There were lots!!) but they will at least save them forever!


Great weekend!

Handmade birthdaygifts

A friend of mine had his birthday and i decided to make my gifts by hand, some cute keychains, for him of his cutest dogs, now when i’ve learned simple home textile print. I borrowed the pics from his facebook!

Namnlös a

Week later he even sent me a picture of them, kinda worn out haha 😀 how fun to see them being used and not hidden, amazing!


Mystery egg Disney figure

While waiting for my dad to pick me up at IKEA i strolled around the nearby supermarket and found this lonely egg in a 50% off basket. I asked if there were more, but the cashier said no. Never seen this egg before and happy to see unpopular Tatiana and Aurora on the cover!

2 1 3 4 5

Whaaat i got the most boring character 😥 And Tatiana and Aurora isn’t even on the checklist, what the actual hell. I’m sorry that is total bullshi*t. Bad egg, bad!