Nil x Noir promo table (Storcon 2016)


I was in charge of a cute little promo table at Storcon for the band Nil x Noir this summer! 😀 I wrote down some ideas to have for the table beside flyers and sweets, and ended up with fresh water bottles, photo cards, drawing competition and a mailbox! ❤ Very productive!



The table showed to be very popular! 😀 I kept in the area to make sure no one messed with it, but it was difficult taking pictures because there were always ppl around it. Here’s a sneak photo:


😀 I kinda held the mailbox a secret from the band for a while (I put a note on the box saying like ”Send something nice to the band” and some paper and pencils for the visitors to doodle and write on) I went SURPRISED people actually went over and wrote notes and put little gifts in there, i had to tell the band and they went very happy to hear!! 😀 😀 😀

Girl 1: I haven’t heard of them..
Girl 2: but they are b e a u t i f u l !

I promised not to touch the box until the very next day to see how full it would go, and boy! Storcon’s visitors are AMAZING ❤



SO FULL! :O wowowow
There was a guy who worked at one of the stores there, who came and sat down, talking about stuff and i mentioned i was happily surprised people put notes in and gifts. And he went ”yea I went and checked it out, and someone have put one of the necklaces i sell. They go for like 100 SEK ($10)” and i went woah 😍 no waay


After the con, me and my family went to Malmö to visit relatives so i couldn’t send the content until a week later, but i was happy to hear the package arrived safetly! 🙂


Some had written on swedish 🙂 i put a translation post-it on those. Wish i’ve taken pictures on the awesome drawings from the competition (There were lots!!) but they will at least save them forever!


Great weekend!


Peppcon 2014

Here’s my pictures from the event! ( ̄▽ ̄)

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Had such a fun weekend working with D’stort at Peppcon (︶ω︶)
My brother and his lovely girlfriend were awesome company & help.
Even though we stumbled across crazy things such as visual kei hater and found our table trashed one morning, we just dusted ourselves off and continued with a smile. The flyers eventually ran out and many visitors attended our giveaway-competition (x) which we randomly drew three amazing winners! D’stort were updated through facebook the whole event, they were very excited ( ´ ▽ ` ) Hope to visit next year again!

Pretty Prizes!

Me and friends will be working behind D’stort commercial table during Peppcon this weekend, i’m so excited! (°∀°)

Been putting together some posters and design for the table. Because the shipping of CDs & autographed posters won’t arrive to Sweden in time, we had to come up with something else. Why not a tiny contest?
╭ (ㅇ‿ o#)ᕗ Me and my friend Anna has been spitting out ideas on how to compete, like doodles or questions. We think a simple lottery with name and phone number would be the most convenient!

So today I’ve been putting together the prizes.. (~‾⌣‾)~ i’m very happy with the result, but what do you think?

The guys liked them as well!


Open the door and I’ll bring autumn

The rain has been visiting us for serval days, but today it was sunny.
Autumn is here. (ノ´ー`)ノ

I’ve been having a nasty cold x_x hopily I will get better soon, because I will be showing off a beautiful dress during a fashionshow this weekend. It’s for the company Ergi by Piratessan which is a Swedish Lolita Dress company. I’m very happy to be one of their models. 。◕‿◕。 Here’s the dress they’ve picked out for me:

So beautiful, I hope my very short hair won’t screw this up! (/゚Д゚)/

Both my mother and I are very nervous, it will be my first fashionwalk. We tied blankets round our waists and put on high heels to practise walking in the livingroom (≧▽≦)ノシ we looked so silly, thank god the neighbour didn’t see us haha!

pon5 - Kopia
My birthday is coming up! And my brothers’ too! (^∇^)
Our birthdays are 6 days apart so when we was little, we celebrated our birthdays at the same time (ofc with two cakes hohoho more cake, more happiness).

I have no idea what to buy for my brother. He has a lot of things, so I don’t wanna buy something that will just pile up in his room. Maybe something to do? Maybe something to use at once? Any advice is wanted ! (。-_-。)

My first music video appearance!

People hardly believed me when I told them that I attended this
musicvideo, but now check this out! It’s finally out on youtube!

At 03:44

At 03:44

Can we all take a moment and celebrate that I got a
iiih O(≧∇≦)O I’m so so so so so happy!

My ears shows at 03:23

My ears shows at 03:23

Dancing at 03:32

Dancing at 03:32

The outfit

The outfit

Do you remember when I wrote about it? (here)

Here’s the official video:


Gustafsson 3 tr – episode 7

Does anyone remember when I played ”Asian tourist” this summer?
If not, look here!

The episode aired on television today! (* w *) Had no idea, accidently found it on TV.
But I PrintScreened from the internet so you can see where I showed up!

So so so weird to see myself on TV! xD
All other actors fit in so perfectly while I look so .. I don’t know, cut-in?

Bunbun (my backpack) is so cute and visible! ❤
The program’s named Gustafsson 3 tr, you can watch the episode here.

And so the last scene where we RUNS AWAY, I totally ran out of the group. I’m so disorganised, hahaa.. (^ □ ^ ; ) But everyone was wonderful! 😀 Good job!!

Loreen Rave Musicvideo

Music video time!
Cameras everywhere and a social Loreen.

When I got there and introduced myself, they were like ”Everybody, this is one of the head characters!” and I couldn’t stop blushing when everyone said hello. I felt welcome! They already had an outfit picked out for me, and I received help with accessories from a stylist, but they loved my pink-bunny-hat so I had to have it on while my matching ”Harajuku sister” got pink ribbons in her hair. Everybody loved us and took lots of pictures. I wonder where those pictures end up, I wanna see!! Snuck down to the toilets for some blurry phone-pics, while the rest of the dancers were getting make-up!

Got Hello Kitty socks ❤ and iiiih the feeling when a stylist is doing your make-up. You sit there and feel like a star!! I became friends with many extras and dancers, but it was supercold outside! Buuut I danced and talked a lot with Loreen. She was as tall as me (⌒ ▽ ⌒) ☆

Since my ”sister” had to leave early, my planned scene got canceled but Loreen grabbed my arm and said ”But you are so beautiful, come with me!” and she arranged a zoomed scene for me (* ≧ ω ≦) ノ gaaah, so kind!! She guided me, standing next to the camera and everything (I’m so haaappie). I got to play being ”high” with a bunch of ”drugged” sleeping people. HAHAHA xD I wonder what my parents will say about that, but it was very kind of Loreen anyway!

Now my legs are soo painful and I’m tired. Goodniiight~