Haley Galaxy doll unboxing

In my current alien craze, i found this adorable doll on a toyshop site for only 10 USD. When it arrived through DHL with sturdy knocks on the door, i was surprised to see how BIG she was! 😀 And so many details, woow..!

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She looked so precious in her box ❤ i decided to leave her in it.


Mystery egg Disney figure

While waiting for my dad to pick me up at IKEA i strolled around the nearby supermarket and found this lonely egg in a 50% off basket. I asked if there were more, but the cashier said no. Never seen this egg before and happy to see unpopular Tatiana and Aurora on the cover!

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Whaaat i got the most boring character 😥 And Tatiana and Aurora isn’t even on the checklist, what the actual hell. I’m sorry that is total bullshi*t. Bad egg, bad!

Loot Crate unboxing

I was on my way to the park for a picnic with my dog when the mailman met me at the door and handed me the Quest package from Loot Crate 😀 Nice! So i opened it on the soft green grass of spring.

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I didn’t want to put every item on the grass to photo infront of so many people but i can tell you right now, i actually, tbh, wasn’t impressed by the content. :/ Especially from this price range, like, of all the items only TWO items i felt was nice enough to keep and use, but the rest was just… crap? Best of the bunch was the tiny Uncharted poster (seen better prints though, come on) and the Labyrinth t-shirt:

1Modeled by this really cute guy in the info sheet.

Borrowed and cropped this pic from google to show rest of the content. I sold those i didn’t want through swedish Ebay. Do not recommend loot crate and will not buy again. 🙂 I suggest you buy something fun for the money instead!



Birthday bathbombs

(Draft 2015-10-12)

Because everyone was either working or busy, i spent my birthday at home alone with dog. But suddenly in my comfy lonesome, i received a text from my littlesister, saying ”Check in my wardrobe!”
And there she had hidden a paperbag with a note ( ´ ▽ ` ) Inside was 2 giant bath bombs and bubble bath gel, so cute!!


It felt nice that someone was thinking of me ❤ made me so happy!

Big box of beautiful

Received a big box of beautiful and thoughtful things from a friend today ❤
I’m in awe! Valentines gift and late christmas gift, such a cutie ( ; w ; ) wow!

The card is so AWESOME xD iloveitiloveit! ❤ and omigosh look at all these things. Macaroni dinosaurs (how am i suppose to eat something so cute?! i wanna save it forever and ever ❤ ), LUSH bath foam, my FAVORITE chocolate from Anthon Berg, galaxy stickers (and they glow in the dark omg), supercute Star Wars notepad, magical action book (with strong female lead character, my favorite!) and miniature pikachu cookies – I’m so happy! 😀
sida2 ny

Thank you !! ❤

Funko Pop & Swedish Candy

Found this post and suggested to trade fur-fabric (because she sews), but when she noticed i was from Sweden, she asked if i could swap candy for the figure 🙂 i of course said yes! And soon this box showed up in my mail:


She even sent me some extra sweets 😀 how kind! And i was happy to know she received my mail aka the swedish candy as well, yayayay!


(picture from her blog here)