Writer wannabe

I wanted to be honest to myself and count all the novels I got in my USB-drive. I deleted the ones I never ever ever ever gonna continue writing (those really bad ones I wrote in elementary school) and made a graph to keep an eye on my work. I thought I only finished 2 but I got 5 novels totally done! Sadly I don’t wanna send any of them to a bookcompany as my debut.. 😦

I found a course I want to study btw! The schools homepage say ”We start every week, you can study it everywhere” but my city is not on their list. I have to talk to a school in my city if I can start this course, like allow me. I’m really afraid to get a No. And another No about schoolmoney-support as well. But if I get a job I don’t have to worry about that. Hm, hm, hm. I’m such a grown-up haha!


Final School Project

The presentation went SUPAH GREAT!

Feels like I really sold the work and the teacher was very interested and asked a lot, told me about inspiring things. Hope that he won’t read the book itself, huehuehue!

Unfortunately, he asked ”You speak English at home, right?” because he thought my awkward square voice sounded so weird. I said yes I speak a lot of English with the family, which was a lie, I was just so nervous that my voice f*cked up, wahaha!

Ate simple banana for breakfast and a sip of energy drink. Eating lunch right now consisting of fried eggs and about 200 kcal curry noodles. Good girl.