Dishonored magazine #1


Can’t believe my local comic book store had the Dishonored comic!! ❤ Started a subscription while i was at 🙂


Ordered my first Loot Crate!

When i saw an ad on facebook about Loot Crate April’s box called QUEST CRATE containing my favorites Labyrinth and Uncharted 4 merch i threw myself at their page ! ❤ After some confusing clicking, i got confirmed that i’ve successfully ordered the right crate 3 days before deadline 😀


I’ve seen lots of unboxing videos of loot crates on youtube, but never really had money or interest to order one for myself. There are always different themes per month, and i guess a box fit for me hadn’t showed up until now ❤ looking forward to receive the box and show you!


It’s on it’s way 😀 hurray!


Hello Kitty in Space – McDonalds Toy

Walked around hungry in the city and decided to buy something small to eat, so went for a Happy Meal at McDonalds 😀 And turned out it was space themed Hello Kitty! ❤ Wow, so cute!! I got the floating one.

2 3o

Sadly it was end of this month 😥 so i won’t be able to get the others, which is sad, because i would’ve loved them now when i’m currently madly into space stuff haha


2 Novi Stars Dolls

Recently got my salary and it’s already gone ∑(゚ロ゚〃)

Just as i was just thinking how on earth am i going to get a hold on the last wave Novi Stars dolls, they are nowhere to be found and those i do found are damaged through repaints and broken boxes” but then!! someone had put their own dolls out for auction on Ebay. THE LAST WAVE ONES *gasp* Of course popular Doe A. Deer got sold right infront of my eyes (」゜ロ゜) aah i had to hurry ❤

tumblr_o4l0e7m2x91qmxycio1_1280 2 Namnlös

Carmela Sweet and Sila Clops are miiiine, woho! So excited to receive these ❤ The Frostina Sprinkles doll arrived superfast from Germany with door delivery, hope these are fast too.

Frostina Sprinkles doll on the way!

I found this wonderful store that had 70% sale on their last Novi Stars dolls and the last wave dolls flew right of the site!! BUT i managed to grab a Frostina Sprinkles (thank god) and now it’s on it’s way home to cold Sweden ❤ yay

Namnlösk Namnlös

I have a collection of Novi Stars dolls, but since the company announced they would be discontinued i was superscared people would hoard the last wave dolls 😥 and i would get nothing!
But no i’m hopeful 😀 this is a step towards fulfilling my beautiful alien doll collection. ❤ Don’t give up!

Funko Pop (Star Wars) Rey

I went and saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my dad before our new years dinner with family 😀 and it was superduper awesome!! My absolute favorite were Poe Dameron, BB-8 and Rey! (and of course the classic stars like Han Solo, Leia and Luke, wowow)

I think i did like everyone else and went checking for merchandise afterwards :’) and found this cutie Funko Pop. I never really liked these figures because the eyes reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s ”Coraline” brrr 😦 BUT! the star wars figures are so detailed in clothes and hairstyles, i’m in awe. ❤ So now got this figure in my bookshelf:


Sent one just like this to a friend of mine as well!