Deadpool tickets

(Draft 2016-02-24)

Long time no winning 😀 woho!

Can’t believe i won movie tickets to Deadpool + free meals for 2 people = AMAZING! You know what they say (˚▽˚)☞ Du missar 100% av chanserna du inte tar (you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take) and Är du inte med och tävlar kan du inte vinna (if you’re not in the race, you can’t win), but ofc beware of fake contests/spam/fishing and junk. ❤ Anyway here’s what i got:

4 ny

Got a cute squishy head/stressball of Deadpool’s head 😀 nice! I went and saw it with my father because both my sister and brother had already seen it, and dad really wanted to check it out. (mom was like ugh cinema no thank you)

But it was my sister and i that took the opportunity to try out the new restaurant Zócalo (*・▽・*) It was like a fresh food truck place that served healthy tacos and salads. TBH we probably wouldn’t be able to afford to go eat there if it weren’t for the gift cards.

We ordered ”Mango Chicken Tacos” getting 3 small tacos each. Ingredients of chipotle marinated chicken, guacamole, romaine lettuce and mango pineapple salsa. ❤ Pretty tasty if you ask me!


Big box of beautiful

Received a big box of beautiful and thoughtful things from a friend today ❤
I’m in awe! Valentines gift and late christmas gift, such a cutie ( ; w ; ) wow!

The card is so AWESOME xD iloveitiloveit! ❤ and omigosh look at all these things. Macaroni dinosaurs (how am i suppose to eat something so cute?! i wanna save it forever and ever ❤ ), LUSH bath foam, my FAVORITE chocolate from Anthon Berg, galaxy stickers (and they glow in the dark omg), supercute Star Wars notepad, magical action book (with strong female lead character, my favorite!) and miniature pikachu cookies – I’m so happy! 😀
sida2 ny

Thank you !! ❤

All the cute things i got for christmas:

Aaah they’re all so special and great in their own kind of way ❤ i’m very thankful, i hope you like what i got you as well lovely family and friends iiih 😀 Merry Christmas!

1 2

* Dishonored necklace with the outsider mark (!!!) wowowow
* Gudetama keychain
* Stars and moon hairpin ☆
* Sailor moon handbag
* Dream Matte Mousse
* Bath bomb kit
* New bedsheets (so colorful)
* Frozen bath towel with Olaf haha
* T-shirt with dinosaur
* Chocolate

Easter Surprise!

Happy Easter! The mailman knocked on my door to deliver a package that couldn’t fit in the mailbox. I opened it up and went happy of what fell out 😀 it was Easter gifts from my dear friend DeWolfie! whaaaat

What a surprise! It contained a easter egg filled with candy and 3 kinder eggs! My current addiction 😀 The package also contained a shirt (perfect size) and a silly drawing of me in dino-suit demanding all the surprise eggs in the world (≧▽≦) sounds very legit to my life situation right now haha!

2 1
Awesomeee shiiirt, I love shirts with colorful prints on and this one had lots of my favorites -> dinosaur + junkfood + puniful movie quote ヽ(´▽`)ノ !!

Put the candy in a glassbowl and opened the kinder eggs and this is what i goooot. Red mini Cooper (omg my family have a mini cooper, not red though but yea), and a beagle dog which shakes it’s head when you rub it’s tummy 😀 and a cute fat polarbear with a big gun.

How come when other pick kinder eggs they get cool stuff but i get like thousands of spin-beyblade-thingies… D: ?

Miniature Thranduil Phone Strap

This post has been sitting in my draftbox since Christmas! I got a box with lots of beautiful things from my dear MerciBumblee including bubble bath items and mix CD with Lee Pace on the cover and my favorite songs. Also this miniature figure of my babe Thranduil from The Hobbit movie trilogy. o((*^▽^*))o

1 2 3 4
The details are amazing, it must have taken so much time to make! (・∀・) I let out a little fangirl squeel and my sister went confused because she had no idea who he is. Aaah i’m so happy (´∀`)