Flea Market Find ☆ 12/8 2016


These are now sold, thank you!


Flea market finds ☆ 23/7 2016

I’m super tired so i don’t have much to say BUT today i found the VERY FIRST ISSUE of swedish W.I.T.C.H magazine, which i’m collecting, and it made me superhappyy! 😀 😀
A old man sold them along old donald duck magazines for 2-3 kr each, and i was actually doubting going the last tables because the flea market was SO BIG and i was melting away in the really hot sun. So happy i walked the last tables ❤ yay!


Such a strange doll * __ * i like it!

Flea market finds

Indoors flea market is the best when spring is still working it’s way through winter cold. ❤ I recommend LoppisPoppis (Sweden) Unlike a thrift store which usually are super expensive.. LP is just regular people renting booths and putting own prices on their items.


I’m very happy with my finds today! A bright yellow box which i’m gonna keep all my Artist Alley projects in and a giant sparkly seashell (doesn’t show on the pic buh..) for future tables ❤