In company of ducks

Everytime i ride my bicycle in to town, the battery is almost drained when i finally reach all the pokéstops.. 😣 But with 12% left and a dead powerbank i took a break! 😀 and got company by supercute ducks. One was brave enough to jump up so i gave it lots of treats. The duck made this adorable sound like a whimper when asked for more 😍 aah like a puppy!?



My parents birthday cakes

My parents birthdays are one week from each other, making us full on cake every month of march 😀 Here’s what we made:

5a nym

Mom’s cake was actually made in beautiful pastel blue but everytime we took a picture, it turned green on the photos! O_o whaaat ❤ anyway we bought roses too

5c ny

For dad’s cake, i bought one of those eatable sugar-picture of Star Wars : D but eh… as you can see i accidentally cracked it. Because i thought you were meant to press it on the cream, but really you were just suppose to lightly put it on there to melt on it’s own.

Hurray though ! ❤

Christmas cake!

Local supermarket had sale on their big cakes today ( i think they will be closed all christmas week so have to sell them off asap) so i spontanously bought one with christmas theme for about $9 😀 It was delicious!


The decoration santas tried to escape on the way home though haha (last pic)