In company of ducks

Everytime i ride my bicycle in to town, the battery is almost drained when i finally reach all the pokéstops.. 😣 But with 12% left and a dead powerbank i took a break! 😀 and got company by supercute ducks. One was brave enough to jump up so i gave it lots of treats. The duck made this adorable sound like a whimper when asked for more 😍 aah like a puppy!?



A day with the dog

Me and dog went tired of sitting inside all day so we defeated the cold spring weather and ate kebab with fries by the dock. Great day ❤



My parents birthday cakes

My parents birthdays are one week from each other, making us full on cake every month of march 😀 Here’s what we made:

5a nym

Mom’s cake was actually made in beautiful pastel blue but everytime we took a picture, it turned green on the photos! O_o whaaat ❤ anyway we bought roses too

5c ny

For dad’s cake, i bought one of those eatable sugar-picture of Star Wars : D but eh… as you can see i accidentally cracked it. Because i thought you were meant to press it on the cream, but really you were just suppose to lightly put it on there to melt on it’s own.

Hurray though ! ❤


Found money in the snow !!

Wooowww what are the odds?! ❤

what have i done to deserve this asdfghjkl actually thought it was fake money first but it wasn’t omgg ☆ 150 SEK = 20 USD

29 dec


Dog enjoying the sunlight


too precious ❤


Tiny plant

Bought this tiny plant for myself when shopping christmas flowers for my grandparents! 😀 Feels fresh having a plant in my room, gotta get more.




Beautiful sky today


Did you know? Christmas is closing in… ❤


Christmas cake!

Local supermarket had sale on their big cakes today ( i think they will be closed all christmas week so have to sell them off asap) so i spontanously bought one with christmas theme for about $9 😀 It was delicious!


The decoration santas tried to escape on the way home though haha (last pic)


It’s not a pillow, it’s a jacket O_O

My new jacket!? ⊙0⊙ dog noooo


Haha xD he look so busted!