DIY Surprise Keychain

Making keychains for my suprise blind boxes to Artist Alley. Each box is going to contain a cute caramel – so 1 Keychain, 1 Sticker, 1 Candy. Putting every keychain in sealed pinkstriped plastic bags in the box to create the fun “surprise feeling” when opening them up. Hope people will like them! 😀

bb keychains

1 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A


DIY handmade soap

Did you know you can buy soap dough at the local craft store? My sister and i recently found out and bought a 500 gram package to try out! It was so simple and fun 😀 ❤ just add scented oil or perfume, color, melt the soap above cooking water and then just fill up the molds!

2 3 14

And then just let dry in the fridge, wrap in plastic foil and put a decorative label on it! Very easy. I had some plastic mini goldfishes from another project to use, so i made them as a inside decoration thingie. 🙂

Another painting

I’ve found a store that sells affordable canvas to paint ❤ I made a priestess with stars and glitter. I used acrylic color, had to toss out some that had dried 😀 really shows how long it’s been since i held a paintbrush.

1 2a 5 6 Print - Moon catcher

Then i got too carried away when i scanned it in… D:

Sold a painting!

(Draft 2015-09-27)

I really wanted to paint but had no idea what, so i just went with it and tried making a magical girl of some sort. (´▽`;)ゝ

2 ny

Wasn’t happy with the result (very sloppy, i can do better fer sure!) and i didn’t want to keep it (ಠ╭╮ಠ) but after the effort and paint i put into it, the magical girl wasn’t meant to go the trash. At first i was thinking of giving it away to a nearby thrift store, but just out of curiosity, i put it out online for auction…
And oddly enough! (ノ*゜▽゜*) a nice woman bought it for 50 SEK (wow!!) She was traveling through the city and picked it up herself (along with her two dogs) it felt cool! but silly (because the painting sure is silly) I wonder what she did with it.

Alien girl !

I wish to one day to get better at drawing! But to do so you actually have to sit down and draw haha  🙂 But with my sudden alien craze, i wanted to try making a cute moon girl! This is how it turned out:

dec nov
I love antennas on aliens haha ❤ guilty feature! But i feel i’ve learned how to place the shadows a little.

DIY blind bag phone straps

I wanted to try make my own blind bags for others to buy and collect 🙂

12 So i ordered a bunch of miniature bottles made into phone straps and took a whole day design labels, package and flyers. I really put my heart into this! 🙂

Namnlös 13Printing tiny tiny tiny labels~~


Putting the bags together 🙂 the back shows the flavors available!

5 The straps will be placed in plastic bag before put in the package just as real blind bags! Ordered cute plastic bags with pink stripes, i’ll show u later! Mini flyers will come in every bag so everyone get a chance to see how they look even if you maybe won’t get them all.

6 These are the flavors to collect:

8 Star Fruit soda, it’s one of the rare’s!

9Rose petal flavored with pinch of peach 😉 also rare!

10 Strawberry! The most common to get.

11 And Lime Soda, also the common flavor!

7 Together they look cute 😀 All non-alcoholic sodas of course!
What do you think? I will sell these at the convention market 25 April. (´▽`)