Japan-loppisen HT 2016

Flea market in Stockholm this Saturday! 😀 I met many wonderful people and the table was busy busy busy ❤ goodbye stuff, hello neat room! I wish to have control over the amount of things i own, so some gotta go, to make place for new stuff 🙂 here’s some pics from the event:

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Borrowed pictures from their Facebook and Instagram 😦 i don’t understand why they go all low quality when ”Save as” ….

BUT ANYWAY 😀 it was lots of people! I brought with me 2 rolls of plastic bags for this event for, you know, put sold items in, and both rolls ran out! woow *_* I wish i had taken a After-shot of my table tho, because it was awkwardly empty afterwards with just some clothing and few books left. All heavy magazines sold, the shoes, clothes and much of the tiny things. 😀

The best feeling is when you stumble a big bag all the way there, and almost flies home with the lightest baggage ever and money in your pocket on the way home ❤ hurray!

6 1

Minus table cost (300) and travel tickets (200), i earned over 1k ❤ I feel i’m closing in on my dream of a nice minimalist life! 😀


In company of ducks

Everytime i ride my bicycle in to town, the battery is almost drained when i finally reach all the pokéstops.. 😣
But with 12% left and a dead powerbank i took a break! 😀 and got company by supercute ducks. One was brave enough to jump up so i gave it lots of treats. The duck made this adorable sound like a whimper when asked for more 😍 aah like a puppy duck!?


Dino Expo 2016

Dino-Expo, like a tiny circus driving around Sweden with their giant dinosaur robots 😀 It arrived to my city! And me and a friend decided to go! Because of plans i wasn’t free until the last day before they travel to another city so we had to hurry hurry 🙂 There were a lot of dinosaurs, but didn’t want to spam all pictures, so i took the best ones:

d1 d2 d11 d3 d5 d6 d7 d8 d9

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! (and look at the silly merch haha, didn’t buy any) I couldn’t help go all fangirly, cause dinosaurs are my FAVORITE animals


Bye for now, Dino-circus!


Flea market finds ☆ 23/7 2016

I’m super tired so i don’t have much to say BUT today i found the VERY FIRST ISSUE of swedish W.I.T.C.H magazine, which i’m collecting, and it made me superhappyy! 😀 😀
A old man sold them along old donald duck magazines for 2-3 kr each, and i was actually doubting going the last tables because the flea market was SO BIG and i was melting away in the really hot sun. So happy i walked the last tables ❤ yay!


Such a strange doll * __ * i like it!