2 Novi Stars Dolls

Recently got my salary and it’s already gone ∑(゚ロ゚〃)

Just as i was just thinking how on earth am i going to get a hold on the last wave Novi Stars dolls, they are nowhere to be found and those i do found are damaged through repaints and broken boxes” but then!! someone had put their own dolls out for auction on Ebay. THE LAST WAVE ONES *gasp* Of course popular Doe A. Deer got sold right infront of my eyes (」゜ロ゜) aah i had to hurry ❤

tumblr_o4l0e7m2x91qmxycio1_1280 2 Namnlös

Carmela Sweet and Sila Clops are miiiine, woho! So excited to receive these ❤ The Frostina Sprinkles doll arrived superfast from Germany with door delivery, hope these are fast too.



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