Peppcon 2015

tumblr_inline_n2pj7gK62P1qdlkygPeppcon was 28-30 August and i had pre-ordered a sales table!

2 weeks before the event they announced they were looking for designers to submit minimum of 3 work pieces (each) for their fashion show. With my dreams of creating clothes, i started spending all my hours in front of the sewing machine.

3 outfits on 2 weeks?! Oh god. I took a leap of faith.

I don’t know if you know, but we have a pretty old 90’s sewing machine. It breaks down all the time and fix itself whenever. Ofc half way through my making of clothes, it broke down.

2 days before the event, and it was too late to fix anything. I was planning on making plushies and sell on my table but instead i had 2 days to come up with something fast to fill my table with.

I made letter sets, phone jewelry and 3 sizes of mystery grab bags!

The mystery grab bags showed to be very popular! I couldn’t believe it. They ran out the first day. When dad came to pick me up i told him ”I only brought about 22 bags, and left the others at home. Tomorrow i think have to get all of them.”

The next day i filled my table with only mystery grab bags. I didn’t even have time to put them neatly on the table before i was completely surrounded by curious customers who grabbed and squeezed them. And ofc bought them! ( ;w; )

Each. And. Every. One. Of. Them… SOLD! Other sellers even came up to me and said they were inspired to try something alike next time, holy crap. 😀 ❤

8 9 10

Only cosplay i caught on photo, robber from the game Payday!

Because i’ve paid for 3 days, and i looked ridiculous standing by a now empty table. I asked the manager if i could put up second hand stuff on my table. He said yes, and i filled it up. I felt it went pretty well there too!

”Hi, excuse me?” a really handsome girl stopped by my table. I remembered her from yesterday. ”Weren’t the mystery grab bags sold in this corner?” She had money in her hand. I nod politely and flustered, ”Yes, but they are all sold out.” I can’t believe this, i felt popular.

I fell asleep so fast when i got home.
12 13
I did my best not to go money-crazy and spend it all but on my way home i was hella hungry and spent about 200 SEK on snacks…. :< woops. Anyway I gave my table away to another seller who needed more space, and took the third day off walking around with my sister. I bought cute stickers (5 SEK), Rilakkuma rice crackers (10 SEK) and some Ramune drinks for my father and i (75 SEK).

I had a blast and met nice people. 😀 10/10 would do again.

Thank you for reading!



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