CardCaptor Sakura blind bag

Opening my CardCaptor Sakura blind bag from my J-list order 😀 The packages are so pretty, on the back they’ve listed the 22 card to collect. Here’s what i got:




These card are so beautiful! I got no 14 (Syaoran in his transformation outfit) and no 19 (cute Syaoran & Sakura). The cards are made of transparent thin plastic and have print on both sides. They actually remind me more of bookmarks than collector cards, because collector cards are usually thick paper while bookmarks are meant to handle bumping around and go plastic. Anyway, there are Konami gum i each package and they have this deliciously sweet cola flavor~ yum! 😀


2 reaktioner på ”CardCaptor Sakura blind bag

    • Hi! I bought them at for $1 each 😀 they had really cheap prices on unique candy there but not sure if they still do. I also recommend ♡ Hope you find them, good luck!


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