My own blind bag phone straps !!

My crazy Blind box / bags collection has got to my head. I wanted to make my own for others to buy and collect 😀 many artist do!

12 So i ordered a bunch of miniature bottles made into phone straps and took a whole day only focused designing labels, package and flyers. I really put my heart in this! 🙂 When making the labels i did my usually kawaii art because that’s… what i can..

Namnlös 13Printing tiny tiny tiny labels~~


Putting the bags together 🙂 the back shows the flavors available!

5 The straps will be placed in plastic bag before put in the package just as real blind bags! (*w*) Ordered plastic bags with pink stripes, i’ll show u later! Mini flyers will come in every bag so everyone get a chance to see how they look even if you maybe won’t get them all.

6 Loook how pretty 😀 i go very proud and happy when the result turn out as planned! Anyway, these are the flavors to collect:

8 Star Fruit soda, it’s one of the rare’s!

9Rose petal flavored with pinch of peach 😉 also rare!

10 Strawberry! The most common to get.

11 And Lime Soda, also the common flavor!

7 Together they look so prettyyy 😀 All non-alcoholic sodas of course huhu (>w<) What do you think?? I will sell these at the convention market 25 April. (´▽`)



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