Easter Surprise!

Happy Easter! The mailman knocked on my door to deliver a package that couldn’t fit in the mailbox. I opened it up and went happy of what fell out 😀 it was Easter gifts from my dear friend DeWolfie! whaaaat

What a surprise! It contained a easter egg filled with candy and 3 kinder eggs! My current addiction 😀 The package also contained a shirt (perfect size) and a silly drawing of me in dino-suit demanding all the surprise eggs in the world (≧▽≦) sounds very legit to my life situation right now haha!

2 1
Awesomeee shiiirt, I love shirts with colorful prints on and this one had lots of my favorites -> dinosaur + junkfood + puniful movie quote ヽ(´▽`)ノ !!

Put the candy in a glassbowl and opened the kinder eggs and this is what i goooot. Red mini Cooper (omg my family have a mini cooper, not red though but yea), and a beagle dog which shakes it’s head when you rub it’s tummy 😀 and a cute fat polarbear with a big gun.

How come when other pick kinder eggs they get cool stuff but i get like thousands of spin-beyblade-thingies… D: ?



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