My first complete oil painting

Some time ago i finished my first oil painting! Got the painting kit [and two empty canvas 30 x 30 cm] as christmas gift from a friends family long time ago, and it has been standing untouched until now. 🙂 Here’s the process!

1 2 3a 45 7 10
She actually had a mouth, but i failed miserably 😦 so i painted some sort of taped paper over her mouth with the cut-out letters spelling Happy on. It took forever to decide what to write there ( ಠ_ಠ) i asked so many people… Anyway, except the oil painting, it felt kind of empty so i added silly things as pink pearls, glitter, ink, fabric and as you can see fake eyelashes haha so what do you think? I wanted as much details as possible but i do feel i need to practice shadows, background, mouth, eyelashes, yea overall how to paint a symmetric face. Looking forward getting better at this in the future!



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