Second hand at Japan-loppisen

Home from the Japan fair in Stockholm!

I sold second hand 🙂 feels good to sell off things i’ve gone tired of, clearing my room for new adventures. I carried 3 bags here (almost all elevator were out of order, that was a pain BUT someone always helped me carry down the stairs huhu) but went home with just one bag. Just watch the before and after shot of my table, wowow! ❤

At the closing time, when all customers had left, the sushi restaurant sold their BIG rolls for only 10 kr (about $1) each. After earning a bit of money (I’M RICH) i decided to buy 4 pieces. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so i was superhungry, ate 2 on the train home and gave the last two to my brother and his girlfriend.

6M oney’s going to the bank! …after some shopping!



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