Continue my crafty days?

Mom: Why don’t you make those cute keychains anymore?
Me: Huh, you remember ??
Mom: Of course i do, you should make them again, to sell!
Me: I didn’t even know you noticed… hm, i’ll check my old crafts box!

Woh! Σ(゜ロ゜;) As i opened my old crafts box i was stunned by all the different tiny projects i’ve put away for later. Probably because i forgot about them.

What my mom remembered was, when i was in high school, in need of money, i made plush keychains. ❤ Often sushi or bunny figures with japanese face-emoticons on. I used discarded fabrics and keychains from old commercial keychains, you know those they hand out for free. I also made plushies of old doll mechanics (if you press it, it makes a sound like kissing, bouncing or laughing) and some with drag-that-string-and-it-vibrates-thingie. L(・o・)」

Well it was a Sunday so with nothing to do so i went right ahead a picked the pearls. I seemed to have bought pink and transparent ones and a roll of elastic strong thread, they were ready to use !! ( ≧▽≦)

3a4a21 5a

I put them in pink cookie bags(=´∇`=)they look so pretty,
hopefully they can give some extra money.



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