Joie de vivre (The joy of living)


I just received a very adorable and motivating envelope from beautiful MerciBumblee !! (*´▽`*)I was having doubts about submiting study application for a course i really wanted to take, (it’s held very far away), but i saw this as a sign that i have to take chances in life and not live on safe side all the time! If i get in i’ll just figure out a way to travel. SUCH A BOOST! ( ^ 3 ^)/


I got cutie chocolate and a beautiful bracelet (my favorite kind of jewelry!) that acually give the money to children in need ♥♥ she has such a kind heart! And the drawing is so adorable, it must have taken hours to make, I can’t thank her enough ( ; w ; ) ♥ what to do with these feelings hnnng



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