Sweet Scandal (otome game)

After playing Dandelion: wishes brought to you Demo (PC) i really got a taste for otome games! (*゚▽゚*) Otome game are shortly said ”Dating sim game” for girls, you follow a story where you stumble across cute bishounen* guys (*pretty boys with specific personalities) and make interaction choices which affect what kind of situation and ending you’ll get. Will you get the guy? 

In Sweet Scandal (Android) you are a professional journalist! Your mission is to write a best-selling article and your boss makes you choose between interviewing a popular writer (Amasawa), a pro tennis player (Misato) or a big time photographer (Horai) as topic, and once you made your pick, the adventure start! (~‾⌣‾)~


I choose Misato (tennis player) because he seem to be the main attraction, like the face of the game, but you can pick anyone you want! All of their stories will start out similar, the celebrity are surrounded by paparazzi & magazines and you need to be noticed! Once you got his attention, it’s time to make the article, but because of his busy schedule, you will keep meeting him for follow-up interviews all the time, slowly getting to know each other and falling into silly situations and eventually ♥ 


But of course it depends if you successfully get him attractive to you (points) and which lines you choose to say during the story. It can end up like nothing but a simple story if you don’t work hard!

You play mini games beside the main story to develop your character. You collect points to exchange for accessories to become more attractive (high attraction = unlock special romantic scenarios).

Oh (´⌣`ʃƪ) it’s really exciting!



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