Thranduil Limited Edition Body Pillow

thranduil_zps31aab3ca thranduil_hugging_pillow_promo_by_brilcrist-d79i5ls

I’ve been waiting a long time, and now finally the very talented Brilcrist has released Pre-Order on her The Hobbit Body Pillow designs !! ★

I’ve been putting away money for the release and payed my order right away so i will definitely get one. (︶▽︶) I will expect it to arrive in the summer!


iiiih O(≧▽≦)O I’m so excited!

(OKAY while googling on Body Pillows I noticed there were A LOT of sexual things out there..! ლ(ºДºლ) I want to make it clear IT’S A PILLOW PEOPLE, YOU SLEEP ON PILLOWS, OR REST YOUR HEAD WHILE READING BOOKS, why on earth would someone..?! I get that there’s a lot of very nude prints out, and some actually use it as blaaaah but I’m not one of those. It’s decoration plz, it’s just awesome and big omg what is this)


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