Lost bunny baby ♥

As usual I was out walking the dog when suddenly something dark jumped out of the nearby forest and ran straight towards my shoes. The tiny thing seemed to be very happy because it made a repeating 8-turn around my feet. Sigge wanted to have a sniff but I wasn’t sure if he was going to bite it (hunting breed) or clean it (he’s a softy), neither of his choices was very good because I didn’t know how long the thing had been out there.

So I picked it up and carried it home.

Because it was night, I didn’t actually see what kind of bunny it was. Remembering that the neighbors daughter (we had just passed their house) had a bunny during summer so I assumed that this baby was on the run from it’s cage.

At home, my mother and sister curious asked why i came back so fast. I said ”It’s a baby!” and when putting the little one on the table, they all just went ”Awww..!!” (´▽`ʃƪ) ♥♥


I went out to continue the walk, leaving them with this cute mess of a baby bunny, but when i got back home my sister had put the little one in our old bunny cage. It was happy and ate some lettuce.

”I’m pretty sure it’s a hare”, my brother said waving his phone. ”I have a bad feeling about this.” My mother, all smitten, said ”Oh hare or rabbit, what’s the different, can’t we just keep it?” which was very funny to hear, because she’s actually really strict with animals. A baby hare stole all her logic with just one munch.


I must admit(=´∇`=)it was cute. The super-mini baby hare was really friendly (wanted to stay close, it would just jump up in your hands or lay beside you to sleep, no wonder I thought it was a house bunny!) but I knew we didn’t have any time or knowledge to care for a hare. Especially a wild one!

First my sister and I tried to return the baby to the forest, but it wouldn’t go back! (;´Д`) We ran, and the baby ran too. My sister said she was afraid to accidentally step on him/her because it followed so close. We walked home, with a tiny little bunny in our shadows. All the way to the door. No doubt about it, we put it back into the cage, maybe the neighbors cat would eat it. (o_o;)


So I called Wild Baby Animal Center-something and asked if I could hand it in to them, people who knew how to take care of one. They said ”Of course, no problem!” and gave us the adress. We drove away through the night and handed the baby over. ♥ Such a different and exciting day! (´ヮ`)



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