Mail from Japan

Even though we broke up, we’re still friends.
Look at all these cute things he sent me! *_* Straight from Japan!
Knowing I like keychains, stickers and tiny cute random things,
thinking of me when buying them, so kind!

Oh, so cute and different gifts ♥♥ mostly souvenirs from
cities like Osaka, Akihabara and so on  (*≧▽≦) LOVELY !!!
2 3
Are these birthday gifts? *w* They arrived on the right day?
Btw talking about birthday, I bought some things from the money I got from mother. One ticket to a upcoming anime convention, complete anime FREE DVD (very handsome bishounen anime about a swimming team) and new headphones!

And oh, random note! 😀
I found 5 pokémon cards during the daily night dogwalk. It was dark so I hope I got all of them ⊙△⊙ r.i.p to the cards I didn’t see, which probably died in the rain.




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