How’s my drawing skillz today?

I couldn’t stop drawing in High School, all my note- and textbooks were filled with doodles and short bizarre novels! Now it’s very rare I just sit and draw something.

So today I borrowed my brothers drawing pad and tried ⊙ω⊙ . .
. .WITHOUT eraser! Let’s see how it turns up! LET’s GO! Pure Random!

I always start my figures with U-shaped heads.. ( > _ < )
Hmm, what about hairstyle?


Most artists start with some sort of invisible sceleton, but I’m very sloppy
and start making the clothes right away (´▽`) that’s.. not very clever.



It’s some sort of teenage-knight with uh, what is that a child-maiden who see and fight ghosts which uhm appear out of fire which someone has lid up. . o_o actually I made ghost feet but they turned out ugly so they became campfire! XD SORRY

The point is -> My drawingstyle is exactly what is was like in High School.

That. . . is so. . . SAD ! ! (≧∇≦)

I’m stuck, I need to improve, practise practise!



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