Knocking inside my head ( -_-)旦~ (ill)

Ughu.. huwuhuhu… nuhyuyuhulumyu… guhuhu..

I’ve been sick lately, that is very very very bad. (」゚ペ)」I have an essay to write and a oral presentation in Japanese. But because of illness, my teacher had them put on hold for me.

It’s difficult to sleep because my legs are restless and I can’t stop kicking. And I’m freezing even though I’m burning. I hate this kind of sick… My throat is pretty sore and my family is showing same symptoms. I’m sorry for tainted you… (´∩`。)

I’m still a little depressed about the breakup-thing. I don’t wanna talk about it, but when I do I feel very sad afterwards. Like poking on a scar or something.

*sip on hot choco*

Dreams are so weird !(。-_-。)

My first night of vomit and fever I dreamt something so confusing. My brother drove a motorcycle straight into the Great Wall of Japan (but you know, it’s actually name the Great Wall of China) and everything broke down in to this big ball of broken things.

Yes, like a Katamari! (it’s a cute game where you roll up things with a magic ball, check this video) and random people started to bother me, asking me to give them soft, cool, bright things (Like they do in the game) and I was stressed out because I couldn’t give it to them.

I noticed in my daze, I tried to apologize to these people on Twitter..


Great job, fever… ( ̄□ ̄;)great job..



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