Writer wannabe

I wanted to be honest to myself and count all the novels I got in my USB-drive. I deleted the ones I never ever ever ever gonna continue writing (those really bad ones I wrote in elementary school) and made a graph to keep an eye on my work. I thought I only finished 2 but I got 5 novels totally done! Sadly I don’t wanna send any of them to a bookcompany as my debut.. 😦

I found a course I want to study btw! The schools homepage say ”We start every week, you can study it everywhere” but my city is not on their list. I have to talk to a school in my city if I can start this course, like allow me. I’m really afraid to get a No. And another No about schoolmoney-support as well. But if I get a job I don’t have to worry about that. Hm, hm, hm. I’m such a grown-up haha!



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