Gustafsson 3 tr – episode 7

Does anyone remember when I played ”Asian tourist” this summer?
If not, look here!

The episode aired on television today! (* w *) Had no idea, accidently found it on TV.
But I PrintScreened from the internet so you can see where I showed up!

So so so weird to see myself on TV! xD
All other actors fit in so perfectly while I look so .. I don’t know, cut-in?

Bunbun (my backpack) is so cute and visible! ❤
The program’s named Gustafsson 3 tr, you can watch the episode here.

And so the last scene where we RUNS AWAY, I totally ran out of the group. I’m so disorganised, hahaa.. (^ □ ^ ; ) But everyone was wonderful! 😀 Good job!!



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