Loreen Rave Musicvideo

Music video time!
Cameras everywhere and a social Loreen.

When I got there and introduced myself, they were like ”Everybody, this is one of the head characters!” and I couldn’t stop blushing when everyone said hello. I felt welcome! They already had an outfit picked out for me, and I received help with accessories from a stylist, but they loved my pink-bunny-hat so I had to have it on while my matching ”Harajuku sister” got pink ribbons in her hair. Everybody loved us and took lots of pictures. I wonder where those pictures end up, I wanna see!! Snuck down to the toilets for some blurry phone-pics, while the rest of the dancers were getting make-up!

Got Hello Kitty socks ❤ and iiiih the feeling when a stylist is doing your make-up. You sit there and feel like a star!! I became friends with many extras and dancers, but it was supercold outside! Buuut I danced and talked a lot with Loreen. She was as tall as me (⌒ ▽ ⌒) ☆

Since my ”sister” had to leave early, my planned scene got canceled but Loreen grabbed my arm and said ”But you are so beautiful, come with me!” and she arranged a zoomed scene for me (* ≧ ω ≦) ノ gaaah, so kind!! She guided me, standing next to the camera and everything (I’m so haaappie). I got to play being ”high” with a bunch of ”drugged” sleeping people. HAHAHA xD I wonder what my parents will say about that, but it was very kind of Loreen anyway!

Now my legs are soo painful and I’m tired. Goodniiight~



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