Walking with Dinosaurs show

A wonderful day with my boyfriend~~
We did some shopping ❤ and ate sushi in the awesome capital city of Sweden – Stockholm. We checked out funky punk clothing stores and the popular Scifi-bookstore was filled with people. And as the night came crawling, we took the train to Walking with dinosaurs. It was a lot of families with small children, and the giftshop had a lot of things I wanted. Linus bought me a Full Badge/Pin Collection with pictures of every attending dinosaur-robot *___* iiih, amazing!!

The dinosaurs moved very naturally (and very often) which made it difficult to take pictures. The music and sounds were masterpieces! Take notice how tiny the storyteller (grown-up man) is next to the beasts, adorable! They actually had special effects, like very well-thought details in the environment. The ending was very sad.. 😦 I’m not gonna spoil, but I think you can figure it out *sobsob*
Here’s a video from my cellphone, nothing compared to actually be there but.. check it out!

It’s very LOUD so please turn the volume down:



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