The Million Dream

Maybe a month ago, the newspaper wrote about a swedish man who one day, suddenly had over 2 million SEK (approxly 300000 USD) on his bank-account. He had not attended any competition or was expecting any transfer so he went very happy but yet confused. The money was a mistake from his job, they said it would take about 24 hours to fix. So for one day, he was really really rich. Of course he couldn’t spend the money, but in the interview, he gladly (and with details) talked about his thoughts, what he would do if he actually had the money. There were wonderful and personal dreams and you could only imagen what it would feel like if you got in that situation. It was truly inspiring!


I can’t find the article anywhere, maybe it was a local magazine, but I still think about it every day. I remember his face from the photo very clearly which gives me this amazing real feeling of hope! I check my account almost every day (even if it’s pretty silly) and always consider buying tickets when I’m in the store (but my ID-card have expired and I don’t get that ”Oh, here shall I buy my winning ticket!” -feeling so Destiny stops me) AND I sometimes write down my future purchase. One day, I think I will win a lot amount of money, srsly! *w* I added ”Win a million” on my Bucketlist. Waha, I won’t give up!!

If you had so much money, what would you buy?



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