A day in the park (first time in town)

Took the bus into town with my dog – for the first time.
He was a little nervous on the bus, but was very calm and extra cute.
But when we reached the park, he went all  hyper and wanted to go in all directions and discover things xD he didn’t care about the dogs or humans that passed him. The ducks were something new and he tiptoed quietly and sniffed cautiously. After that we had lunch which we had brought along with us.

Chilling in the grass, then suddenly a young boy with a fishing rod (we sat by the water) came to us and asked ”Can I join you?” Reflex-wise, I said yes, and watched as he packed up his fishing gear just by my bag (they touched each other and I went really nervous because all my precious content was laying on the grass, he could easily take them) There were so many empty places around us and that he chose to sit next to mine made me so flabbergasted that I quietly began to pack up my things and leave. Afterwards we met Linus (Sigge became glad) and Bash, who walked around town. We talked briefly, but then I felt it was time to take the bus home. Awesome day today!

While I ate myself thick on sushi, Sigge munched on a pigs’ ear.



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