Photoshoot with Julia Peirone

The world tried to prevent me from reaching the photoshoot. Sudden pimple on the nose, everyone’s anxious questions, argue with boyfriend (+crying, but then we became alright), rain, late trains. I was about to give up and texted the photographer that I would be late but she said there was no danger, and looked forward to my visit. Despite struggle and storm I WOULDN’T GIVE UP!

Once in the studio, Julia (the photographer) was very sweet and friendly. We talked and she offered me Coke & chocolate cookies. After a few pictures the misfortune caught up with me and created a power-out. Only in the studio.

She applied for a repair that happened to be on the other side of the road , so he visited us afterwards. A clot had gone and while he repaired it, next model showed with her mother. I greeted them both, I was very relaxed. The photographer apologized for the darkness and suggested that we either could drink coffee in the studio or they could go and eat pizza at the Pizza place outside. They took the pizza and I and the photographer was left alone.

I asked how she achieved her dream, she answered me with delight and said she really fought for this. She said, ”You’ll fight with passion!” and her eyes shine with happiness. The light came back, we started and I had taken many different clothes with me. I reached over and pulled back the shoulders and breathed out to look more relaxed.

First we tried with my white ninja hoodie, and then my Korean collar-and-tshirt-in-one shirt, but then we decided to go on my pink tank top and my yellow hat. I saw the pictures and I must say – I LOOKED AWESOME! The light was so strong that my skin went very wonderful and the zit on my nose disappeared. The linen gave me flat tummy and chubby arms.

I love this.



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