Zombie-actors!! (GRAWR)

Have probably not told you that me & my dad will be in a Swedish drama series where we will be Zombies!! 😀 I was a bit nervous but not as nervous as a dad. I think he hardly slept anything last night. Yesterday I practiced a little zombie-walk & sound (much gurgling) but haven’t chosen which outfit to sacrifice. Apparently we’ll play zombies 12 hours… wonder if daddy know what to wear (hoodie, he said). More information about the series here.


Back and super-tired. We ran around in Uppsala mentalhospital with around 200 other Zombies so the make-up took a little while. (Ain’t I pretty? hehehe) We talked alot with out fellow zombies, they all were so kind. One girl was a cute Lolita, I’ve met her before at a nerd-convention, yay!

Sleep now, grrrr……



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