MYNAME 마이네임 concert in STHLM 2016

Spontaneous concert with 2 friends 😀 I hadn’t listen to this band before and was excited to go check them out. The music was awesome !! and the guys handsome !! *__* We also went to the Meet & Greet, which was fun too!

mn5 mn1 mn2 mn3 mn6 mn7

Having a great summer!


In company of ducks

Everytime i ride my bicycle in to town, the battery is almost drained when i finally reach all the pokéstops.. 😣 But with 12% left and a dead powerbank i took a break! 😀 and got company by supercute ducks. One was brave enough to jump up so i gave it lots of treats. The duck made this adorable sound like a whimper when asked for more 😍 aah like a puppy!?


Dino Expo 2016

Dino-Expo, like a tiny circus driving around Sweden with their giant dinosaur robots 😀 It arrived to my city! And me and a friend decided to go! Because of plans i wasn’t free until the last day before they travel to another city so we had to hurry hurry 🙂 There were a lot of dinosaurs, but didn’t want to spam all pictures, so i took the best ones:

d1 d2 d11 d3 d5 d6 d7 d8 d9

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! (and look at the silly merch haha, didn’t buy any) I couldn’t help go all fangirly, cause dinosaurs are my FAVORITE animals


Bye for now, Dino-circus!


Nil x Noir promo table (Storcon 2016)


I was in charge of a cute little promo table at Storcon for the band Nil x Noir this summer! 😀 I brainstormed some ideas to have for the table, and ended up with fresh water bottles, photo cards, drawing competition and a mailbox! ❤ Very productive!



The table showed to be very popular! I kept in the area to make sure no one messed with it, but was difficult to take pictures because there were always ppl around it. Here’s a sneak photo:


I kinda held the mailbox a secret from the band for a while (I put a note on the box saying like ”Say something nice to the band” and some paper and pencils for the visitors to doodle and write on) but to my SURPRISE people actually went over and put little gifts in there, i just had to tell the band and they went very happy to hear!

I promised myself not to touch the box until the last day to see how full it would go, and boy! Storcon’s visitors are AMAZING ❤



SO FULL! :O wowowow
There was a guy who worked at one of the stores there, who came and sat down, talk about stuff and i mentioned being happy people put notes in and gifts. And he went ”yea I went and checked it out, and someone have put one of the necklaces i sell. They go for like 100 SEK ($10)” woah 😍


After the con, me and my family went to visit relatives so i couldn’t send the content until a week later, but i was happy to hear the package arrived safetly! 🙂


Some had written on swedish 🙂 i put translation post-it on those. Wish i’ve taken pictures on the awesome drawings from the competition (There were lots!!) but they will at least save them forever!


Great weekend!